New terminal:

A safe haven in wind and rain

New terminal:

A safe haven in wind and rain

Firm footing with natural stone slabs for Norderney Harbour

More passengers, draughty waiting area: Norderney harbour urgently needed a new harbour terminal. And in spite of the new building, walkers should still be able to enjoy the view. Visitors can now access a viewing terrace via an outer terrace and a wooden bridge structure. The fixed-laid natural stone slabs provide a firm footing – as does the AquaDrain EK surface drainage.

Every ferry from the Norden-Frisia shipyard brings up to 1,300 new visitors to the North Sea islands of Nordeney and picks them up again later. About 2.5 million passengers per year are transported. The shipyard invested in the construction of a new terminal in order to welcome their guests and also provide comfortable waiting areas prior to their departure. The new, modern building impresses with its futuristic look. Glass fronts and cones of light break up the architecture and let a great deal of daylight in at the same time. The highlight of the terminal is the extraordinary roof construction, which is reminiscent of a sand dune.

Drainage with a view

Many Norderney holidaymakers are attracted to watching ships on the Molenkopf. However, the new terminal can be found here. In order to ensure that walkers still had a clear view of the sea, a viewing terrace was integrated at the outer end of the long building. The Lorek architect's office created a gallery known as the Skywalk in order to access the viewing terrace and go to the Café. Part of the route leads outside below the cantilever roof and over the heads of the waiting passengers to the café on bridge structures.

Nero Impala granite slabs with a size of 30 x 50 cm were planned for the outdoor area. The plan was to lay these loose on raised floor supports. However, Aurich installation company ABV Bedachung und Bautenschutz (ABV Roofing and Building Protection) advised against this. After all, the routes are subjected to extremely heavy foot traffic. There are also shearing movements cause by the wheelchairs at the easy-access transitions. The company therefore recommended fixed laying in order to be sure. The tradesmen subsequently succeeded in persuading the client to use a structure with AquaDrain EK surface drainage plus drainage mortar. The system partnership between Gutjahr and building material manufacturer tubag was a major advantage on this project.

Drains faster

The water drainage capability is improved by up to 150 times with the capillary passive drainage mat beneath the drainage mortar – even when used in a fountain.

Securely laid with AquaDrain EK

Gutjahr developed the AquaDrain EK surface drainage specially for external coverings on drainage mortar. Unlike the drainage mortar itself, the system is capillary passive. This prevents water from being transported upwards from the waterproofing, resulting in efflorescence or moisture marks on the covering. This also makes the surface safe to walk on in wind and weather.

How it works: AquaDrain EK supports the entire surface. In this way, the drainage channels form a defined cavity of more than 90 percent. This allows the water to flow away quickly and effectively – significantly faster then structures with drainage mortar without a drainage mat. The back ventilation also ensures that the entire structure dries more quickly. Another advantage: the special mesh remains permanently water-permeable – it does not clog because of the soluble lime in the drainage mortar. In conjunction with the drainage and installation mortar from building material manufacturer tubag, a safe complete system was produced. The two system manufacturers give a joint system guarantee for this. All in all, this is perfect protection for the outdoor surfaces at the sea terminal.

Working with drainage mats was new ground for the installers: previously they usually laid slabs on raised floor supports. However, they were very satisfied with the management by Gutjahr and tubag. They also used laying videos from Youtube. A special challenge on the building site was the extreme construction height of 25 cm. This means that large quantities of mortar were required – all of which had to be supplied by ferry, mixed by hand and taken to the roof, which was why a team of five tradesmen was needed on site.

The new terminal was completed in October 2018 – and has become a real eye-catcher. The viewing terrace is now the new attraction on Nordeney. Thanks to AquaDrain EK, it will remain beautiful and safe for a long time to come.

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