AquaDrain® HB makes it possible for roadway coverings consisting of paving stones or concrete slabs to be reliably and permanently drained. In conjunction with drainage mortar, it creates surface drainage with a high water drainage capacity which can be driven over. For road coverings of concrete or cement screed with a surface layer, AquaDrain® HB reliably removes excess water and prevents the build-up of water vapour pressure by means of effective ventilation of the structure.


  • Higher load in accordance with ZTV Wegebau (Additional Technical Regulations for Road Construction) usage categories up to N3 and in accordance with RStO 12 (guidelines for the standardisation of pavement structures of traffic areas), load class Bk0,3
  • High water drainage capacity prevents frost damage and efflorescence in drive-on coverings.
  • Effective ventilation of the structure protects against the formation of water vapour pressure.
  • Up to 30 times better drainage performance than gravel or chippings alone.
  • Designed for holding drainage mortar or concrete in order to create a high-load surface.
  • 6 year warranty for specialist companies.

Complete system

Produktaufbau AquaDrain HB | © Gutjahr Systemtechnik
Produktaufbau AquaDrain HB | © Gutjahr Systemtechnik

Ferroconcrete slab


Waterproofing in accordance with DIN 18532


Separating layer in accordance with DIN 18532


AquaDrain® HB


AquaDrain® HB-B


Concrete/cement screed

7 MorTec® DRAIN-ZE Drainage mortar

Drainage mortar


Covering/wearing layer

9 AquaDrain® DR-HB Drive-over drain grate

Brief technical information

Area of application Drive-over courtyard and road surfaces, vehicle parking surfaces, market places.
Types of covering • Coverings such as those provided by the covering manufacturer for the respective usage area and the respective type of covering laying are suitable.
• Monolithic concrete areas with finished surfaces
Substrates Bonded substrates, concrete surfaces with or without sealing, no rubble surfaces
Load-bearing capacity Bound covering laying, AquaDrain® HB
• Vehicle weight of up to 2.5 t with drainage mortar made from construction site mixtures, in private areas
• Up to normal load of 3.5 t and occasional 20 t vehicle weight with tested drainage mortar, for access roads/areas outside public road traffic – in accordance with ZTV Wegebau (Additional Technical Regulations for Road Construction), usage category N3
• In accordance with RStO 12, Bk0,3: Normal use on the areas to be expected in public road traffic, with tested drainage mortar, for parking areas in underground car parks, market places etc.

Monolithic concrete supporting and driving layer, AquaDrain® HB-B
• Up to vehicle weight of 30 t
Drainage performance AquaDrain® HB 8 mm: 0.272 l/(m*s)
AquaDrain® HB 16 mm: 0.473 l/(m*s)