ProFin® BE is embedded in the sloping screed. The profile acts as formwork and an exact screeding edge in one. The profiles are interconnected using profile connectors. The glass fibre mesh inlay is applied to the profile leg, which has been primed with EP and sanded. Coating then takes place, followed by scattering of colour chips and the clear coat.


  • Neat, secure edging
    The raised edge of the profile provides a neat balcony edge and prevents the coating from running over.
  • Secure coating connection
    Special bonding grooves provide optimum adhesion of the coating in the edge area. Delamination of the connecting area caused by moisture penetration is effectively avoided.
  • Surface and seepage water is drained without leaving dirt trails
    The projecting profile leg with its special drip edge removes water from the projecting balcony in a targeted way, and avoids dirt trails on balcony fronts and façades
  • With hanging pocket for ProRin® balcony gutters
    For simple, optimum complete drainage.

Complete system

ProFin BE | © Gutjahr Systemtechnik



ProFin® BE


Glass fibre mesh inlay



Brief technical information

Usage area: For walk-on outdoor surfaces in private and public areas such as (roof) terraces, balconies, loggias, walkways, restaurant terraces etc.
Substrates: - Bonded substrates
- Concrete screed surfaces

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