The ProFin® SP base board profile allows simple and safe connection of all Gutjahr waterproofing systems to rising parts of the structure – even to adhesive resistant, less firm substrates or ETIC systems.


  • Unique and reliable solution for rising building elements:
    ProFin® SP guarantees simple and permanently safe connection of waterproofing to rising building elements ­ particularly with adhesive resistant, damp and unstable substrates or renders. A permanent connection between the waterproofing and the wall is provided by the DiProtec® AB self-adhesive sealing tape, which is simply affixed to the wide adhesion flange of the base board profile.
  • Integrated backflow protection:
    The leading edge of the profile ensures that no façade water gets behind the waterproofing.
  • Also suitable as a clean carrier for tiles/natural stone base sections
    – in combination with the fleece-laminated DiProtec® AB-V sealing tape.
  • Quick and easy installation:
    First the wall is cut into, then the profile is inserted and plugged into the substrate. The DiProtec® AB sealing tapes are then affixed to the base board profile.

Complete system

Produktaufbau WatecDrain KP+ | © Gutjahr Systemtechnik
1 DiProtec® SDB Quick sealing membrane
2 DiProtec® AB Waterproofing tape

ProFin® SP-16 base board profile


DiProtec® AB-V fleece waterproofing tape

5 Watec®Drain KP+ Thin-layer drainage

Brief technical information

Usage area: - For easy and secure connection of waterproofing using DiProtec® AB or DiProtec® FLK to rising building elements
- Clean visual edge to the natural stone/tiles, including drip edge
Substrates: also suitable for substrates with difficult adhesion or less firm substrates
Material: aluminium, powder coated