DiProtec® KSK is a bitumen cold applied self-adhesive waterproofing membrane which has been specially optimised for use on balconies and terraces. Special material characteristics prevent creasing and provide an optimum flat surface. The double-sided silicone paper prevents the membranes from sticking to each another. A special primer stops moisture from moving up out of the substrate, and prevents bitumen from washing out. DiProtec® KSK can be used with all types of AquaDrain® drainage mats and the TerraMaxx® DS systems.


  • Optimum flat surface and stability.
    Thanks to a special combination of materials.
  • Self-adhesive for easy installation.
    Tear-off double-sided siliconised paper prevents the membranes from sticking to each another.
  • Can be used as waterproofing membranes beneath all types of AquaDrain® drainage mats and TerraMaxx® systems.
  • Waterproofing in accordance with DIN 18531-5 for ground contact terraces, balconies, loggias and walkways.
  • With CE marking in compliance with DIN EN 13967.

Complete system

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1 DiProtec® KSK Cold applied self-adhesive sealing membrane

DiProtec® KSK-AB waterproofing tape

Brief technical information

Usage area: For waterproofing horizontal, walk-on surfaces in outdoor areas: in accordance with DIN 18531, T 5: - balconies, loggias and walkways (freely overhanging)
- Ground contact concrete surfaces (without cellar)
- Moisture protection for screed on structural waterproofing materials in accordance with DIN 18531, parts 1–4
Laying the covering: For laying coverings on separating and protection layers and on surface drainage systems:
- Solid laid, thick coverings on single grain/drainage mortar
- Loosely laid coverings on unbonded levelling layers such as chippings, gravel etc.
- Raised coverings: on dry and mortar raised floor supports, frame systems etc.
Substrates: - Bonded substrates, concrete and screed surfaces
- Old tiles, old coating

Components & accessories