The new IndorTec® FLEXDRAIN-ID shower gulley system made from high-quality, brushed stainless steel makes designing easy-access showers more individual, flexible and easy than ever. The shower gully can be individually cut to length thanks to the frameless design. With the flexibly selectable and adjustable drain pots and an ultra-flat construction height from 20 mm (vertical) or 60 mm (horizontal), the system is suitable for almost any installation situation. The factory-installed seal collar also makes the direct wall attachment that many clients want possible.


  • Maximum flexibility due to shortening capability
    up to 400 mm – thanks to the frameless design.
  • Maximum design freedom
    thanks to stainless steel support with continuous height adjustment – therefore suitable for coverings to 30 mm in height.
  • High-quality stainless steel support
    · Available in brushed stainless steel or anthracite stainless steel
    · With integrated gulley fall and cleaning-friendly stainless steel fine sieve.
  • Low construction height,
    individually adaptable due to the base unit which can be cut to size:
    · 60 – 100 mm (horizontal, low drain pot)
    · 80 – 120 mm (horizontal, high drain pot)
    · from 20 mm (vertical drain pot)
  • Available with three drain pots
    with integrated odour trap, DN 50 drain and high drainage performance, also in accordance with DIN 1253:
    · low drain pot (installation height from 60 mm): 0.71 l/s
    · high drain pot (from construction height of 80 mm): 1.05 l/s
    · vertical drain pot (from construction height of 20 mm): 1.43 l/s
  • Easy installation – also directly to the wall
    thanks to the base unit with factory-installed, heat-sealed sealing collar and stainless steel support with interlocking fleece on the back.
  • Available in four lengths:
    · 800 mm
    · 1000 mm
    · 1200 mm
    · 1600 mm

Complete system

Duschrinne IndorTec FLEXDRAIN-IDDuschrinne IndorTec FLEXDRAIN-ID anthrazit | © Gutjahr Systemtechnik


Brief technical information

Usage area: Interiors
Material: Appearance in stainless steel:
Cover: Stainless steel, material no.1.4301, brushed
Base body: PP

Appearance in anthracite:
Base body PP, cover stainless steel material no. 1.4301
with high quality PVD surface coating in anthracite
hohen Ablaufleistungen, auch nach DIN 1253 bei 20 mm Anstauhöhe: · niedriger Ablauftopf (ab 60 mm Aufbauhöhe): 0,71 l/s Sperrwasserhöhe 30 mm
· hoher Ablauftopf (ab 80 mm Aufbauhöhe): 1,05 l/s Sperrwasserhöhe 50 mm
· senkrechter Ablauftopf (ab 20 mm Aufbauhöhe): 1,43 l/s Sperrwasserhöhe 32 mm
Farben: - Edelstahl gebürstet
- Edelstahl anthrazit - PVD veredelt
- Edelstahl bronze - PVD veredelt