The brilliant sealing tape technology of DiProtec® AB sealing tapes allows waterproofing to be connected to GUTJAHR edge profiles in a reliable and uncomplicated way.


  • DiProtec® AB-KV
    For sealing from the cement-based sealing slurries at ProFin® edge profiles
  • DiProtec® AB-K
    For sealing the butt joints of the DiProtec® SDB
  • DiProtec® V
    For connecting to rising building components

Complete system

1 DiProtec® SDB Quick sealing membrane

DiProtec AB-K plastic waterproofing tape


DiProtec AB-V fleece waterproofing tape

Brief technical information

Usage area: DiProtec® AB-K butyl waterproofing tape, plastic
- For waterproofing butt joints in the surface of DiProtec® SDB sheets
- For connecting to rising building components (plastered/filled wall surfaces; doors, windows etc.; ProFin® SP base board profile)
- For connecting to ProFin® DP and RA drainage and drip profiles

DiProtec® AB-K butyl inner and outer corner
For sealing rising 90-degree corners

DiProtec® AB-V fleece waterproofing tape
As the adhesive carrier for adhesive mortar for providing the rising waterproofing of tiles and natural stone with mechanical protection
Material: AB-K: Butyl (self-adhesive) underneath; plastic on top
AB-KV: Butyl (self-adhesive) underneath; 75 mm synthetic / 75 mm fleece on top
AB-V: Butyl (self-adhesive) underneath; fleece on top

Components & accessories