Pro®Fin BP is mounted directly onto the sloping screed and plugged. The substrate is smoothed with a wedge-shaped filling of EP adhesive. If the bonded sloping screed is smoothed over the screed guide at the edges, no further smoothing work is required. Bonding to the Pro®Fin profile leg is optimised by using a sanded EP primer. The glass fibre mesh inlay provides additional protection against cracking. The balcony coating, colour chips and a clear coat (if necessary) are laid on top of this


  • Neat, secure edging
    The raised edge of the profile provides a neat balcony edge and prevents the coating from running over.
  • Secure coating connection
    Special bonding grooves provide optimum adhesion of the coating in the edge area. Delamination of the connecting area caused by moisture penetration is effectively avoided.
  • Surface and seepage water is drained without leaving dirt trails
    The projecting profile leg with its special drip edge removes water from the projecting balcony in a targeted way, and avoids dirt trails on balcony fronts and façades.
  • With hanging pocket for ProRin® balcony gutters
    For simple, optimum complete drainage.

Complete system

ProFin BP | © Gutjahr Systemtechnik



Pro®Fin BP


Epoxy resin adhesive


Glass fibre mesh inlay



Brief technical information

Usage area: For walk-on outdoor surfaces in private and public areas such as (roof) terraces, balconies, loggias, walkways, restaurant terraces etc.
Substrates: - Bonded substrates
- Concrete screed surfaces
Material: aluminium, powder coated

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