Large outdoor coverings are extremely popular. However, the technical implementation thereof is not exactly simple. Because there are fewer joints, the stress caused by changes to the temperature and the weather is more difficult to disperse. This is why GUTJAHR has now developed MorTec® SOFT special joint filler: In combination with surface drainage systems and the TerraMaxx® systems, "the joint filler from a tube" makes tension-free and therefore reliable laying of large formats outdoors possible. The elastic, silicone-based joint filler is used as a covering and expansion joint. Tension can therefore be dispersed from slab to slab.


  • Alternative, silicon-based joint filler for forming elastic, stress-reduced joints, particularly for large-format outdoor coverings
  • Uniform joint appearance, expansion and covering joints with same width are possible
  • Cement-like joint appearance thanks to special fine grain structure
  • For solid laid or spot-bedded coverings made from ceramic or natural stone with no format restrictions
  • Can be used for covering, connection and expansion joints
  • Available in matt cement grey, matt anthracite, matt sand beige and matt stone grey

Brief technical information

Usage area: only in conjunction with drainage systems and raised systems:
- AquaDrain® EK, AquaDrain® HU- EK
- Watec®Drain KP+
- TerraMaxx® DS, PF, TSL, RS