The AquaDrain® TM drain grate, with its extremely shallow frame geometry, is perfectly coordinated with the TerraMaxx® laying process for thin-layer, lightweight coverings. It is also suitable for use as the drainage line in front of parapets in combination with Watec® Drain KP+ thin-layer drainage mats.


  • Reliable drainage of outdoor surfaces and door thresholds with construction heights of just 31 mm.
    AquaDrain® TM in a system with the TerraMaxx® laying procedure makes it possible to have overall heights from 31 mm including covering.
  • Can be shortened as required.
  • The integral dirt trap protects against fouling.
    The trap prevents dirt from falling into the drain grate, therefore guaranteeing the long-term drainage performance of the drain grate and the drainage mat.
  • Easy height adjustment thanks to 6 continuously adjustable screw feet.
    Precise, uncomplicated and time-saving alignment to the covering level.
  • Maximum drainage performance thanks to drain grate which is open at the bottom.
    Guarantees maximum drainage without water accumulation in combination with the TerraMaxx® laying procedure or Watec® thin-layer drainage mats in front of parapets. Façade and surface water is drained quickly and efficiently into the surface drainage beneath the covering.

Complete system

Produktaufbau TerraMaxx PF | © Gutjahr Systemtechnik
1 AquaDrain® T+ Surface drainage systems

TerraMaxx® PF-FM special fixing compound


AquaDrain TM


AquaDrain® dirt trap


AquaDrain® TM screw foot set

Brief technical information

Usage area: In front of doors, floor-level window components or in line drainage
Frame material: Hot-dip galvanised steel or stainless steel 1.4301
Covers: Grid – hot-dip galvanised
Square design – stainless steel
Profile design – stainless steel
Dirt trap: Integral
Height adjustment: GV: 31 bis 46 mm (threaded rod of screw foot is screwed in between the gratings, therefore cutting off on site is not required),
XL screw foot: 31–72 mm (or 55 mm before foot thread is cut off on site)

QE: 25-42 mm, (33 mm before foot thread is cut off on site),
XL screw foot: 25–68 mm (59 mm before foot thread is cut off on site)

PE: 28-44 mm, (34 mm before foot thread is cut off on site),
XL screw foot: 28–68 mm (58 mm before foot thread is cut off on site)