ProRin® BR is the first balcony gutter system made from powder-coated aluminium. The system components have been designed as a modular construction system, and make standard-compliant, simple and reliable surface drainage possible with an ideal combination of form and functionality.


  • Compact:
    Because of the shallow installation depth of just 75 mm, the ProRin® BR balcony gutter can also be used with little spacing between the balcony cantilever slab and the railing post. Retrofitting is therefore unproblematic.
  • Long-lasting:
    The ProRin® BR gutter connection acts as an expansion joint zone. This allows the system to move without causing damage. Unlike conventional zinc or copper gutters, which often become wavy because of thermal length changes - weld seams eventually crack and the system starts to leak.
  • Stable value:
    High-quality, powder-coated aluminium system
  • Clean:
    No soldering or gluing thanks to intelligent connection technology
  • Smart:
    Reduces the amount of cross-trade co-ordination, since covering and assembly of the balcony guttering system can be carried out by one trade.

Complete system

ProRin BR Balkonrinne
ProRin BR Geländermodul
ProRin BR AußeneckeProRin BR Innenecke
ProRin BR Ablaufelement
ProRin BR Außenecke
ProRin BR Balkonrinnenverbinder

Brief technical information

Usage area: Balconies/terraces at all free edge areas/covering edges
Function: Targeted edge draining with balcony gutters in accordance with DIN 1986-100

Components & accessories