ProFin® KL is available in face heights of 60 and 80 mm.


  • High drainage performance thanks to generous drainage slits
    Surface and seepage water can drain away quickly – avoiding damage to the covering caused by accumulated water.
  • Edge support and drain profile in one
    The drainage gravel strips conceal the front of the balcony and form high-quality edging.
  • Quick and easy processing – durable and dimensionally stable.
    Thanks to the stainless steel design. The profile and corner connectors make installation simple and without misalignment.

Brief technical information

Usage area: Use as edge support for gravel/chipping fillings or load distribution layers of screed/drainage mortar and for facing the drainage system and covering structure
Substrates: - Bonded substrates, concrete screed surfaces with customer's existing surface waterproofing or surface waterproofing not required
- Unbonded substrates such as rubble base layers etc.
Laying the covering: - Solid laid coatings: on single grain/drainage mortar, screed, concrete etc.
- Loosely laid coatings: on unbonded levelling layers, chippings, gravel etc.
- Supported coverings: on dry and mortar raised floor supports, frame systems etc.
Material: Polished stainless steel, caterial no. 1.4301, with pull-off protective film