The combined drainage and compound laying system for protection from shearing force, specially for high-load outdoor steps.


  • The only single-component drainage system using factory pre-shaped angled elements.
  • Unique intelligent special fleece.
    Once the laying mortar has hardened, the fleece gradually disintegrates. Calcification of the fleece pores is avoided.
  • Drainage provides reliable protection.
    From frost damage and efflorescence caused by accumulated water. Accelerates drying of natural stone.
  • 6 year warranty for specialist companies.

Complete system


AquaDrain® SD water guidance strip

2 AquaDrain® SD - construction type 2 Step drainage

Contact layer for drainage mortar


Mortar bands/strips made from drainage mortar


Block/solid steps made from natural stone or concrete


AquaDrain® UB universal tape

Brief technical information

Area of application For outdoor steps in high-load private and public areas.
Types of covering Coverings such as those recommended by the covering manufacturer for the respective usage area and the respective type of covering laying are suitable.
Substrates Substrates must be level, load bearing and solid. They must be non-resilient and non-compressible.
Load-bearing capacity Depending on the covering material and the covering bedding
Drainage performance Depending on the drainage mortar and the bedding mortar
Fall ≥ 1.0 % to 2.5 %