New underfloor heating in 201 bathrooms:

On schedule with Gutjahr

New underfloor heating in 201 bathrooms:

On schedule with Gutjahr

Bathroom renovation with underfloor heating

Germany's only Robinson Club is located in the middle of the idyllic nature of the Mecklenburg Lake District, on an site measuring 66,000 square kilometres. The Fleesensee, with its natural beach and marina, is just 2.5 kilometres away. In order to always provide the guests with the highest level of comfort as well as having this unique location, extensive renovation measures were required in 2019. In order to provide the right feel-good atmosphere, all bathrooms were equipped with IndorTec THERM-E electric underfloor heating from Gutjahr – in just three months.

In autumn 2019, during the renovation work, the four-star club on the edge of the Müritz National Park was completely closed. In the location where the holiday guests normally enjoy themselves, more than 100 craftsmen from different trades turned up, because there was a lot to do: the bar and the lobby were redesigned, the fitness area was made bigger, and the hallways were provided with a coordinated light and colour concept. However, the biggest changes were in the guest rooms, where the furnishings and the bathrooms were completely renewed.

In order to give the guests of the Robinson Club a cosy feeling in the morning, the operator wanted to install underfloor heating in all 201 bathrooms. Tiling company Uwe Neue Ofenbau from Waren (Müritz) suggested the Gutjahr IndorTec THERM-E system for this. The heating can be installed quickly, which is a major advantage in view of the tight construction schedule. Gutjahr also developed this surface heating system for installation by tilers and flooring companies.

3-in-1 system

Ideal for renovations: the electric underfloor heating is very thin – the 3-in-1 system provides waterproofing, decoupling and heating in one.

Decoupling included

However, the technical advantages also fitted in perfectly with the renovation concept, because there was still old screed everywhere in the bathrooms, which is a particularly critical substrate. To prevent damage, it made sense to install decoupling beneath the ceramic tiles. The underfloor heating from Gutjahr takes care of this, since it is heating, decoupling and waterproofing in one. And with an extremely flat installation height of just 6 millimetres.

All that the tiler has to do is simply roll out the IndorTec THERM-E carrier mat on the prepared substrate and cut it to size. Then it is glued all over with adhesive mortar. Since the mat lies flat, this is quick and easy to do – similar to a "classic" decoupling mat. The heating cables are then clipped into the “bones” of the mat. The radial cable routing prevents the cables from being damaged and stops heat from building up. The cables also have the same cross-section, whatever the length. As a result, they always click into place quickly and precisely – meaning that this “electrical work” can be carried out by a tiler without any problems.

Long-term warranty partnership

Practice has often shown that the long-term warranty partnership between Gutjahr and Ardex works perfectly.

"Normal" tile laying

The "normal" laying work then followed for the 40 or so members of the tiling team who were on site. The new tiles were laid fresh on fresh directly onto the underfloor heating. The team used Ardex products when doing this, also because Gutjahr and Ardex have a long-term warranty partnership and the systems complement each other perfectly.

And the result is really impressive. The guests start the day in a good mood with the 201 new bathrooms in the Robinson Club at Fleesensee. The bathrooms quickly become cosily warm because IndorTec THERM-E heats up particularly efficiently in comparison to other systems – keeping your feet nice and warm.

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