A new covering for the Marienplatz

Perfect drainage due to surface drainage mats

A new covering for the Marienplatz

Perfect drainage due to surface drainage mats

Taking the historical location into consideration: extremely important during the renovation of the Marienplatz in Munich

Particularly since there was only a short time window for laying the natural stone floor. Because festivals and celebrations take place on the square at regular intervals, it was always only cordoned off in sections. The use of the effective AquaDrain HB surface drainage mat from Gutjahr helped to adhere to the schedule – so that the work could be successfully completed in time for the 2016 Oktoberfest.

There are few squares with more tradition than the Marienplatz in Munich. It was constructed in the 12th century, has been a pedestrian area since the 1972 Olympic Games – and is still the heart of the inner city. Every day, tourists wait here to for the Glockenspiel on the new town hall. The Christkindlmarkt and the regular championship celebrations of FC Bayern Munich take place here. Every day, thousands of people cross the square on the way to the underground tube and tram station.

Replaced in sections

Renovating the natural stone covering of such a historical location was anything other than an everyday task. The old covering had to be removed over an area of 2,600 square metres, then a new covering laid. The character of the 100 metre long and 50 metre wide square was to be preserved when doing this. The road and pavement construction company that was assigned to the job carried out the work in sections – because it still had to be possible to use the busy square in the centre of Munich during the renovation. For this reason, only the part of the square that was actually being worked on was cordoned off at any given time.

Short time window

The time schedule was another challenge, because the renovation work on the Marienplatz was slow going. It started in the summer of 2014 – and took more than two years. Time and time again, the tradespeople had to take events such as the Christmas market or the championship celebrations of Bayern Munich into consideration. Then there was the annual flood of visitors to the Oktoberfest. For this reason, large-area and long-term cordoning was not possible – in other words, only very short time windows were available for laying the natural stone.

Reliably drained

Natural stone coverings in external areas have to be drained reliably in order to avoid damage and moisture marks – by a powerful surface drainage system.

Drainage mat as problem solver

The new covering was a 12 centimetre thick granite from Spain and Portugal. The slabs were 100 cm long and 40 to 60 centimetres thick – and therefore quite large. The client wanted them to be laid in a bonded construction on drainage mortar and then grouted with pavement grouting mortar.

However, sufficient drainage also had to be provided, since water can get into the construction via the joints. For this reason, the consulting surveyor recommended AquaDrain HB surface drainage. This was developed by Gutjahr specially for draining heavily used drive-over surfaces. "The system has drainage channels via which seepage water can be removed in a targeted way. This protects the drainage system from frost damage", explains Gutjahr managing Director Ralph Johann. "The entire construction also dries out faster. Particularly with sensitive natural stone coverings, this is a decisive advantage.“

Draining heavily used road surface coverings

AquaDrain HB is suitable for heavily used road coverings, such as on multi-storey car park roof areas, in pedestrian areas or on the Marienplatz in the Bavarian state capital. Here, a layer of cementitious drainage mortar was applied onto the drainage mat. In order to manufacture the contact layer on the back, the heavy natural stone slabs were immersed in the bonding slurry and then embedded in the fresh drainage mortar. Then the covering was grouted.

Marienplatz back to its old self

In September 2016 the laying work on the Marienplatz was completed, and therefore in time for the start of the Oktoberfest. The client and the tradespeople were satisfied with the work on the completely renovated square. And it is nice for the residents and tourists to have their favourite square in Munich back to its old self: as a meeting point for a wander around Munich or the next festival – now on a secure and perfectly drained floor.

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