High-load surfaces

Big challenges “playfully” solved

High-load surfaces

Big challenges “playfully” solved

New terraces in the Playmobil FunPark: major challenged "playfully" solved


A new inviting terrace and entrance area: In the Playmobil FunPark Zirndorf, the visitors feel good right from the start. But the road to the redesign of the huge areas was a rocky one – for many reasons. The extremely low construction height made normal build-up impossible. Easy-access transitions also made the situation difficult. And the covering had to withstand both hordes of visitors and also heavy vehicles.

Sheer adventure: This is what children experience in the Playmobil FunPark in Zirndorf in southern Germany. Ritterburg, pirate ship and many other attractions are there to be conquered, water courses explored and "real" construction vehicles skilfully steered. There is exercise and play everywhere. The large terraces in front of the main building present you with the opportunity to spend time there, and it is also the entrance and the gastronomy area at the same time. From the resting place on high-quality granite or island-like fields with wooden decking and partially beneath a protective awning, the visitors enjoy the view of the open-air site.

Terrace areas as a special construction

Precisely this area has been renovated – including new covering on a total of 900 m² segmental arch-like area. High demands have already been made of the construction structure in advance, such as the load-bearing requirements. It was therefore clear from outset that it must be able to be driven on with the lifting platform for maintenance purposes, and cleaned at regular intervals with cleaning vehicles. The decision was therefore made to use 30 mm thick flashed granite slabs for the covering.

However, the low construction height in the area near the building initially threw a spanner in the works as far as the client was concerned: a normal structure was out of the question. For this reason, everyone involved looked for alternatives as to how a granite covering could be laid which would withstand the high loads – a tricky situation. Not only Gutjahr, but also the Führes landscape architect's office from Zirndorf puzzled over a solution that could be implemented.

Drainage mortar as the problem solver

Because the structure heigh was too low, an epoxy resin-based drainage mortar was used with MorTec DRAIN – this can be processed on drainage mats from a layer thickness of 25 mm.

Loadable in spite of the low structure height

The final decision fell on a multi-stage concept. Firstly, a slight incline was set beneath the awning. This made it possible to gain construction height of more than 2 cm over a section of about 5 m. Thinner slabs were then laid in the door threshold area. Things were different on the surfaces that were exposed to the weather: The 30 mm thick granite slabs could be laid here as planned.

Another challenge: The covering was to be drained in the best possible way. It was clear from the start that mineral mortar systems could not be used – the structure height of 2 to 4 cm was insufficient for this. "This means that the client was looking for a supporting layer that is as thin as possible but is highly loadable at the same time and effectively drained", explains Gutjahr. This requirement is fulfilled by the new substrate, which consists of epoxy resin-bound drainage mortar and the high load-bearing surface drainage system AquaDrain HB from Gutjahr. AquaDrain HB can be driven over without problems and has drainage performance that is 30 times better than gravel or chippings alone. This means: Water which penetrates via the joints is led away in the drainage system at the waterproofing level to the lower-lying edge areas and floor drains. The covering structure is also unrestrictedly frost-proof. Nor do weather-related hairline cracks in the joints damage affect the durability of the covering.

Effective surface drainage was also needed because of the easy-access transitions from the terraces to the interior area: The water that occurs here is now led into the Gutjahr surface drainage via drain grates and from there quickly away from the transitions – before damage can occur in the interior.

Tricky implementation

Gardening and Landscaping Company Gustav Biedenbacher from Schwabach laid the new covering in just three months. Just like the planning beforehand, the implementation was difficult because it had to take place out of season during the winter months. For example, the terrace areas were encased and heated, so that the temperature of at least 10° C that was required for the processing of epoxy resin mortar was achieved. But it was worth the effort. The terraces in the Playmobil FunPark welcomed their visitors with an attractive look, and the entire outdoor area has been upgraded.

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