IndorTec® THERM-E is an extremely quick and easy to lay electric area heating system. Thanks to having an optimum flat surface, the carrier mat is laid extremely quickly. The special geometry, with 38 % less cavity than alternative systems, provides high energy efficiency. The heating cables are also covered with fillers/tile adhesives without cavities. The geometry of the mat also prevents kinks in the heating cable and makes quick grouting possible with just “one wipe” because of its open structure.


  • Area heating, high-load bonded decoupling and waterproofing for wet rooms in one product.
  • Quick heating of the covering:
    · because the heating cables are completely covered with adhesive
    · because 38 % less air cavity needs to be heated up
  • Uniform heating cable cross-section, regardless of the length
    and sleeve-less connecting technology are the guarantee of maximum ease of laying and functional reliability.
  • Simple processing
    thanks to optimum flat position and precision engaging of the heating cables in the carrier mat.
  • Time is saved,
    since grouting takes place “with one wipe”.
  • Im Komplettset erhältlich
    Alles komplett - Heizmatte, Kabel, Thermostat und Leerrohre/-dosen

Complete system


IndorTec THERM-E plate


IndorTec THERM-E cable


IndorTec® THERM-E BF floor sensor EU, 230 V


IndorTec® THERM-E TD

IndorTec® THERM-E TM

IndorTec® THERM-E TW


Tile/natural stone/wood/laminate and textile and elastic coverings

Brief technical information

Usage area: • Interiors
• For heating/temperature control of floor coverings on unheated and heated surfaces
Suitable substrates: • on unheated and heated substrates
• on fresh cement screeds that are too damp
• on fresh calcium sulphate screeds that are too damp
• on cracked (hot) screeds
• on wood substrates and dry screeds
Substrate requirement: Substrates must be even, pressure resistant, load bearing and non-flexing. For waterproofing damp and wet rooms, the joints/connections must be covered with sealing adhesive and sealing tapes.
Coverings: • Ideal for large format coverings made from ceramic/natural stone
• In combination with fillers, can also be used with multi-layer parquet, and with textile and elastic coverings
• Coverings such as the ones provided by the covering manufacturer for the respective application area are suitable. The ZDB bulletin that applies to Germany provides orientation
• Covering materials that tend to dish or bulge in the event of one-sided contact with water are unsuitable
Material: Carrier mat: Specially formed, non-rotting plastic film (PP). With fleece laminated onto the underside in the factory.

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